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SurfPrep foam abrasives are manufactured with premium abrasive grains and flexible adhesives that are coated directly onto the surface of the SurfPrep foam. SurfPrep's unique method of coating, in addition to the use of “solvent free” adhesives, is a contributing reason for the elimination of heat build up at the point of contact and extends the life of SurfPrep foam abrasives as much as 10 times & more over conventional sandpaper.... View SurfPrep Video Channel

SurfPrep Foam Interface Pad   SurfPrep Avoiding Burn Through while Sealer Sanding
Video: Foam Abrasive Pad Sanding
This SurfPrep Foam Abrasive video segment focuses on SurfPrep's ability to successfully "scuff-sand" finished or "sealed" kitchen cabinet doors without "burning through" the sealer. Observe SurfPrep working on both flat surfaces and profiled surfaces like moldings, styles & rails, panel inserts etc.
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  Video: Whitewood Sanding Cabinet Doors
This SurfPrep Foam Abrasive video segment focuses on SurfPrep's ability to successfully sand unfinished "whitewood" kitchen cabinet doors without causing cross over scratches in detailed areas. Observe SurfPrep working on profiled surfaces like moldings and corner joints.
... View the Video

About SurfPrep Sanding
SurfPrep, from Dixon Enterprises, is a unique, innovative sanding system for “prep sanding” and “finish sanding”. The SurfPrep System includes: proprietary abrasive grains bonded to foam with a flexible, environmentally friendly, non-loading adhesive in the form of sanding pads and discs.

This sanding system is powerful with low profile, orbital and random orbital air sanders and easy release back up pads available in a variety of shapes/sizes. Durable, tangle free, “ball swivel” air hose makes sanding effortless due to no cumbersome, restrictive rigid coupler at air intake on sander.

FAQ SurfPrep Sanding Systems

#1 What is SurfPrep?
The key to a perfect finish lies in the use of choosing the right foam abrasive pad for the application at hand. SurfPrep is a 21st Century foam abrasive pad made to be used with either an air or electric sander, and THEY ARE THE RAGE!

#2 Why would I consider using SurfPrep foam abrasive pads compared to regular sandpaper, and what are the benefits in using SurfPrep?
Because sandpaper is out and “SurfPrep is in”!

Choosing to use the SurfPrep sanding system will drive costs of preparing any surface down greatly due to the fact that SurfPrep outlasts traditional sandpaper by a huge margin. SurfPrep resists loading because it remains cool while sanding. Regular sandpaper sheets begin to load up (or pill) at the point of contact with the substrate being sanded which is the cause for loss of cut and reduced life. SurfPrep’s unique adhesive in conjunction with our 21st century abrasive grain outlasts sandpaper. SurfPrep rides the surface of your substrate, whether flat or profiled, without cutting or burning through the finish. Traditional abrasive sheets tear easily and lose the abrasive grain quickly as the sheet is folded or creased causing an uneven, irregular sanded surface. SurfPrep’s proprietary solvent free adhesive system will not tear easily and never loses it grain or bond to the foam.

#3 What exactly is “The SurfPrep Sanding System”?
SurfPrep foam abrasive pads are used in conjunction with SurfPrep back up pads and SurfPrep/Air Vantage Air Tools. This is “The SurfPrep Sanding System”. SurfPrep is used for preparing any and all surfaces and coatings of any kind. SurfPrep is a unique sanding pad manufactured with engineered abrasive grain coated on one side of the foam with the opposite side being flocked with SurfPrep’s signature red colored flocking. The red flocking allows the SurfPrep foam abrasive sanding pad to be attached to the uniquely made SurfPrep low profile hook backup pad. SurfPrep abrasive pads are manufactured to the highest quality standards and tightest tolerances.

#4 What surfaces can I prepare or sand with SurfPrep?
Name it and SurfPrep can prepare or sand it! SurfPrep is successfully used on metal, polycarbonates, fiberglass, plastics, sealers, primers, carbon fiber, aluminum, steel, white wood, melamine, metallic coatings, top coats, UV cured coatings, COWABUNGA, the list goes on…

#5 Which SurfPrep grade should I use in order to get the finish I’m looking for?
This of course depends greatly on the substrate you need to prepare along with what you are trying to accomplish with that surface. SurfPrep finishes range from Coarse 60-80 grit finish all the way through Super Micro Fine + 2800-3500 grit finish. SurfPrep grains are available in Black Silicon Carbide, Green Silicon Carbide, White Aluminum Oxide, Brown Aluminum Oxide and Red Aluminum Oxide. SurfPrep has the solution for your application!

#6 Which SurfPrep foam density and thickness should I use?
This again depends on what kind of surface you are sanding. Using the 1/2″ thick foam is a great choice when profiled areas need to be prepped due to it’s ability to follow and contour to the profile. Reaching for the 3/16″ thick foam works exceptionally well on flat areas where there is less concern of profiles. Our “10mm” dense foam is great for getting into “recessed” 90 degree corners as it keeps the tool up away from opposing edges and corners.

SurfPrep is available in five (5) different foam thicknesses; 3mm or 1/8″, 5mm or 3/16″, 10mm, 12.5mm or 1/2″ & 25.4mm or 1″

SurfPrep is available in four (4) densities and the foam cell structure ranges from open cell to closed cell

#7 Why is it better to use the SurfPrep sanding system versus the outdated manual hand sanding method?
- saves time – better control – even contact with surface sanded – ergonomic – efficient – nice consistent scratch -

In the case of woodworking, many large production shops have automated finishing lines where parts move on a line at a quick pace. Often times there will be 2-4 individuals sanding sealer in preparation for top coat. Sanding with the SurfPrep system is quick, efficient, consistent and allows for parts to move smoothly down the line. Operators are less fatigued and get better sanding coverage with the SurfPrep system.

In the case of automotive surface sanding, SurfPrep allows the painter to sand much more quickly, floating over profiles and sanding flat surface without the need of changing abrasives or to another sander, saving time and money. All that’s required is the SurfPrep foam abrasive pad attached directly to the SurfPrep Back up pad. No need for a costly, inefficient, interface pad where a regular hook & loop abrasive sanding disc must be applied over and over in order to sand. SurfPrep’s all in one system eliminates the need of other costlier methods of sanding.

#8 Are SurfPrep foam abrasive pads free from solvents?
Absolutely! SurfPrep believes in keeping our oceans, waterways, land and air clean.

SurfPrep 3" Random Orbital Sander Hook & Loop
SurfPrep 3-2/3 x 7 inch Rectangular Orbital Sander
SurfPrep 3-2/3 x 7 inch Rectangular Random Orbital Sander
SurfPrep 3 x 4 inch  Airvantage Air Sander
SurfPrep 340001 3x4 inch Rectangular Random Orbital Sander
SurfPrep 5″ TRIDENT Round Random Orbital Sander
SurfPrep 6″ TRIDENT Round Random Orbital Sander
SurfPrep SPE340001 Electric Surge 3x4 inch Rectangular Random Orbital Sander Kit
SurfPrep 3
SurfPrep SPSS3 3" Random Orbital Sander Kit Hook & Loop
SurfPrep SPSS3X4 3x4 inch Sanding System Kit
SurfPrep SPSS3X4 3x4 inch Sanding System Kit
SurfPrep 3-2/3 x 7 Inch Backup Pad
SurfPrep 3-2/3 x 7 Inch Backup Pad
SurfPrep 3x4 Inch Backup Pad
SurfPrep 3x4 Inch Backup Pad
SurfPrep Lubricating Oil for Air Tools 1oz
SurfPrep SPTOIL-1 Lubricating Oil for Air Tools 1oz
SurfPrep's Ergonomic 12' Air Hose for Air Sanders
SurfPrep's Ergonomic 12' Air Hose for Air Sanders