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THINK Lightweight Light Tack 1/2-Inch Panel 4X8
1/2" LIGHT TACK 4X8 ... MORE
Model: TLW..08LIGHTTACK.32
Manufacturer: Think Lightweight
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THINK Lightweight Light Tack 1/2-Inch Panel 4X8
Product Data Sheets - Light Tack (PDF)

THINK Lightweight -- Natural fiberboard faced with a specialty engineered wood fiber surface material:
  • A cost effective tackable material made from 98% recycled materials that makes a high performance stable panel
  • Its smooth and water resistant surface is excellent for laminating, paint finishes, and fabric wrapping

Sizes Available:
1/2" x 48 x 96

Think Lightweight
At Thinklightweight, our focus and passion is applying lightweight engineering principals to traditional solid wood applications. The goal is to replace heavier wood products with lightweight, more adaptable, and stronger hollowcore panel solutions. Thinklightweight solutions are typically 50 to 80 percent lighter than typical wood material-based panels. A key advantage of lightweight structures is their strength to weight ratio. They are easier to customize and manufacture thereby increasing your design creativity. These advantages can be used in a variety of applications