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Aventos HK-S 20K2C00 Lift Mechanism Set
BLUM AVENTOS Lift systems for upper cabinet doors give optimal access to the contents of the cabinet and are completely out of the way when opened. They also ensure easy access to the handle in any position, even on tall wall cabinets. ... MORE
Model: BLA....20K2C00
Manufacturer: Blum
In Stock
Price: $52.86 

Aventos HK-S 20K2C00 Lift Mechanism Set
AVENTOS HK small lift mechanism Stay lift
Power factor: 400 - 1000 with 2 pcs
Minimum internal cabinet depth: 163 mm
Fixing onto cabinet: Screw-on
Symmetrical: Yes

International design juries have praised the visual result. And pros appreciate AVENTOS HK as a convenient lift system for mid wall units. The Aventos HK stay lift needs little space - even above fitted cabinets, e.g. above refrigerators.

Effortless Opening
With AVENTOS, even heavy doors open with just a light pull of the handle and stay in any position until you are ready to close them. The doors lift up and out of your way.

Quiet Closing
BLUMOTION soft close is integrated into every AVENTOS mechanism for an amazingly quiet close every time.

Design Options
AVENTOS offers numerous design options for wooden doors, five-piece doors and aluminum frame doors.

Easy Installation
With AVENTOS, installation is fast and precise. With the doors removed there are no protruding parts which makes transporting cabinets safe and convenient. Lever arms and doors snap on easily with our proven CLIP technology so there is no need for tools.Three-dimensional cam adjustments enable doors to be positioned precisely and the tension adjustment makes fine tuning the opening and closing power of the doors exact.