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Aventos HL 20L3500 Lever Arm Set
BLUM AVENTOS lift systems for upper cabinet doors give optimal access to the contents of the cabinet and are completely out of the way when opened. They also ensure easy access to the handle in any position, even on tall wall cabinets ... MORE
Model: BLA....20L3500
Manufacturer: Blum
Price: $65.72 

Aventos HL 20L3500 Lever Arm Set
AVENTOS HL lever arm Lift up
Cabinet height: 350-400 mm
Material: Steel
Symmetrical: Yes

The Blum Aventos HL Lift-up Lift system lifts your cabinet doors up and out of your way to provide for easy access to your wall cabinet contents. The Aventos HL is the system of choice if you want to create the Ferrari of appliance garages for your beautiful industrial mixer or 16 slice toaster.
The Blum Aventos HL system accommodates cabinet door heights from 11 13/16" to 22 13/16" and door widths from 15" up to 72". The Aventos HL is available in multiple configurations based on the weight and height of your cabinet door.
The Aventos HL lift mechanism and it's required accessories are sold separately. The Blum HL requires the Blum Arm Assembly set and mounting plates to mount to the doors of your cabinets. In addition a Blum stabilizer rod may be necessary for cabinets over 48" wide. Be sure to read our abundant Blum Aventos HL documentation for further details.

Effortless Opening
With AVENTOS, even heavy doors open with just a light pull of the handle and stay in any position until you are ready to close them. The doors lift up and out of your way.

Quiet Closing
BLUMOTION soft close is integrated into every AVENTOS mechanism for an amazingly quiet close every time.

Design Options
AVENTOS offers numerous design options for wooden doors, five-piece doors and aluminum frame doors.

Easy Installation
With AVENTOS, installation is fast and precise. With the doors removed there are no protruding parts which makes transporting cabinets safe and convenient. Lever arms and doors snap on easily with our proven CLIP technology so there is no need for tools.Three-dimensional cam adjustments enable doors to be positioned precisely and the tension adjustment makes fine tuning the opening and closing power of the doors exact.